by Andrew Coppo

Lender Services

Our trusted real estate closing professionals have handled thousands of residential real estate transactions on behalf of banks, lenders and credit unions of all sizes. As lawyers, we will assist and undertake the resolution of even the most complex of title issues in a timely and efficient manner. Our attorneys and staff work with your loan officers, underwriters and closing department to ensure a successful transaction. We pride ourselves upon always being available to our clients by voice, text or email message.

As your trusted real estate closing professionals, we are bonded, insured, and vetted by our title insurance companies on your behalf. We leverage our professional relationships, memberships, and title insurance underwriters to ensure a smooth closing from title request to closing table. As lender’s counsel, we understand that we are your representative throughout the closing process and recognize that a smooth transaction and timely closing results in more business and referrals for all parties involved.

Our lender representation services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Title and Escrow Services: represent local and national mortgage brokers and lenders in residential real estate closings throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Refinances: facilitate refinance transactions on behalf of lender clients at a convenient time and location of your borrower’s choice
  • Purchase Transactions: facilitate purchase transactions on behalf of lender clients at a convenient time and location of your borrower’s choice
  • Title Searches: order, review and examine title in a timely and efficient manner
  • Title Resolution: provide cost effective resolution of even the most complex title issues
  • Flexibility: offer after hours and Saturday closings to your clients at no additional cost
  • Concierge Closing Services: oversee all aspects of purchase transactions on behalf of lenders, buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth and successful closing from initial consultation to closing table

Distressed Properties

Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC (GBSS) is the distressed property division of our parent company, Greater Boston Title. GBSS facilitates the sale of distressed or “underwater” homes by negotiating the sale of non-performing assets with all secured lien holders. We work with local distressed property experts to identify non-performing loans in order to assist lenders and servicers with the disposition of non-performing assets. By avoiding foreclosure, we help our lender partners avoid unnecessary costs and legal issues that may arise as a result of foreclosure or eviction proceedings. We manage the entire transaction from preliminary title search to post-closing delivery of documents to ensure the lenders and servicers satisfy all underlying investor requirements (GSE and non-GSE loan) necessary to dispose of the troubled asset.

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