by Andrew Coppo

Why Use Our Services

Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC (GBSS) assists real estate agents in getting their short sales closed. As a real estate agent, your time is best spent obtaining new listings, meeting with clients, showing and marketing homes. We understand that you don’t have the extra time required to effectively negotiate a short sale. As anyone who has successfully negotiated a short sale will tell you, it is impossible to be both an effective real estate agent as well as a short sale negotiator. As a short sale facilitator, we not only oversee the short sale negotiations but we handle the entire document collection from the seller and submission to the lender so you can focus on marketing your existing properties, obtaining new clients and generating more sales.

More Short Sale Listings

GBSS works with local real estate agents and attorneys to form an effective short sale team that can best represent your clients’ needs. One of the benefits of having successfully negotiated hundreds of short sales is that we can quickly identify the transactions that are more likely to be approved and avoid the ones that don’t qualify. This results in an extremely high short sale success rate, which ultimately leads to more referrals. By closing more deals, you quickly become known as the team of real estate professionals who can get short sales closed.

Free Short Sale Consultation

Many distressed homeowners are reluctant about pursuing a short sale and often times have many questions before signing the listing agreement. We offer your potential clients a free short sale consultation in order to determine whether they qualify for a short sale. We will also refer them to a local attorney if they have any questions regarding the tax implications or legal consequences following a short sale. By addressing these issues at the outset, and presenting your client with a short sale time-line, we avoid any last minute surprises that could prevent your short sale from getting to the closing table.

No Cost To You or Your Client

We never charge the homeowner and we always ask the lender, or in some cases the buyer,  to pay our short sale negotiation fee. By using our services, you not only close more deals but you make the full sales commission on all your transactions, subject to specific lender short sale guidelines (some lenders reduce total commissions and/or prevent dual agency). Furthermore, we frequently obtain listings directly from homeowners. Often times we have the ability to refer these transactions directly local real estate agents whom we trust to get the short sale to the closing table.

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About the Author: Andrew Coppo of  Greater Boston Short Sales, LLC (GBSS) is Massachusetts’ leading short sale negotiator. GBSS assists buyers, sellers, real estate agents and attorneys with getting their short sales closed. Contact us today at 617-264-0376 if you are a homeowner facing foreclosure or a Realtor seeking assistance with a Massachusetts short sale transaction. GBSS is a MARS provider. Please read our disclaimer HERE.

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